This Week: The War on Women, Women’s Victories, & more

The Year’s Top 10 Women’s Movement Victories
ColorLines: “In honor of women around around the world, the Global Fund for Women looks back over the past year and celebrates the extraordinary victories by women’s movements around the world.”

Sound-Off: I’d Wished I Had Planned Parenthood
Essence: “The ill-performed procedure led to an infection and I could have died because I bled so much. I kept this a secret from my mother, sisters and friends. I prayed that it would be hidden from God too.”

The New York Times’ Rape Friendly Reporting
Mother Jones: “‘Gang Rape of Schoolgirl, and Arrests, Shake Texas Town,’ the Times article covering the atrocities, is a collection of one perpetrator-excusing, victim-blaming insult after another.”

Human Rights Watch: Mississippi Policies Fuel HIV Epidemic
Huffington Post: “Mississippi has resisted effective approaches to HIV prevention and treatment and instead supported policies that promote stigma and discrimination, fueling one of the nation’s highest AIDS rates, Human Rights Watch said.”

On Being Feminism’s “Ms. Nigga”
Racialicious: “First, the idea that the third wave has mastered inclusion problems is sadly mistaken, since many of us surfing this new wave still see the rehashing that happens time and time again of second wave and first wave problems. However, it is absolutely amazing how often we see the same problems repeat themselves time and time again – particularly in the blogosphere.”

The War on Women’s Futures
The Nation: “These may seem like disparate policy efforts, but they are not. They are the product of the ethnic and economic anxieties of conservative white Americans whose determination to “take our country back” has been a rallying cry since Barack Obama’s election. Women’s bodies and lives are the terrain on which this conservative movement is making its stand.”

This Week: Anti-Abortion Billboards, Men & HPV, & more

For Your Women’s History Month: Loretta Ross on the Origin of ‘Women of Color’
Racialicious: “And I think it’s a setback when we disintegrate as people of color around primitive ethnic claiming. Yes, we are Asian American, Native American, whatever, but the point is, when you choose to work with other people who are minoritized by oppression, you’ve lifted yourself out of that basic identity into another political being and another political space.”

Black Workers Central to National Union Battle
ColorLines: “More than one in five black workers are employed in public administration, as are 23.3 percent of black women in the workforce. That compares to just under 17 percent of all white workers.”

The Disposable Woman
New York Times: “It’s these sorts of explicit and implicit value judgments that underscore our contempt for women who are assumed to be trading on their sexuality. A woman’s active embrace of the fame monster or participation in the sex industry, we seem to say, means that she compromises her right not to be assaulted, let alone humiliated, insulted or degraded; it’s part of the deal.”

A Bad Year for White Whine: College Scholarships and the Cult of Caucasian Victimhood
Tim Wise: “Whether it’s affirmative action, or immigration, or so-called welfare programs presumably soaking up all the tax dollars, whites have, for forty years, made a habit of looking to those darker than ourselves to explain why our lives have turned out less satisfying than we otherwise might have liked.”

Georgia Anti-Abortion Billboard Turns Up in Los Angeles, Too
ColorLines: “Both the Lamar Advertising and the Bomberger campaigns are part of a new tactic for the anti-choice movement: Convince black people that reproductive rights are somehow a genocide against black babies, one presumably orchestrated by white liberal elites.”

HPV Affects Half of US Men
Huffington Post: “Finally, today’s study is sure to provoke discussion about whether an HPV vaccine like Gardasil should be routinely recommended by public health officials for males as it is for females.”

This Week: Trust Black Women, Egypt Against US Colonialism, & more

Egypt’s Nawal El Saadawi: ‘We Will Not Let Egypt Burn’
The Root: “NS: I don’t expect the power or support or interference of anyone, of any government. We here in Egypt are fed up with U.S. colonialism.”

Sister Song and the Trust Black Women Partnership:
“Black women are not the pawns of these white people who erect such billboards. We find them offensive, racist, sexist and – most of all – disrespectful of our decision making, our 400-year history of raising and caring for black children, and our human right to make health care choices for ourselves.”

Shattering Voices from the Military Rape Lawsuit, Verbatim
Jezebel: “Last week, a group of women and men sued Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, for creating a culture that enabled and protected their rapists. The words in this video are taken directly from their complaint.”

Googlebombers turn “Abortion” into the second result for “Murder”
BoingBoing: “Someone has spoofed Google into making the Wikipedia entry for “abortion” into the second result in searches for ‘murder. ”

The Wisconsin Labor Fight: An Attack on Women, Too
Dana Goldstein: “The Wisconsin GOP’s war on public sector unions–except those representing police officers, firefighters, and state troopers–is not only a craven attack on the Democratic base, but sexist, too, since predominantly male professions are deliberately protected while female ones are targeted.”

VA OKs bill to likely close most abortion clinics
AP: “Virginia took a big step Thursday toward eliminating most of the state’s 21 abortion clinics, approving a bill that would likely make rules so strict the medical centers would be forced to close, Democrats and abortion rights supporters said.”

This Week: Miss San Antonio Fights for her Crown & More

The Women of Tahrir Square
PRI’s The World: “Women have long been told, by the government and even by opposition groups here, that their rights are a priority — but that economic reforms, or security concerns, or cultural considerations must come first.”

How Microbicides Could Forever Change HIV For Black Women
ColorLines: “This year marks 30 years since this epidemic officially began. During that time, it’s become an increasingly black one for many complicated reasons.”

Widow’s Tax Lingers For Military Families
Huffington Post: “Tens of thousands of the nation’s war widows find it perplexing and downright disrespectful to their late military husbands: In order to fully collect on insurance their husbands bought for them when alive, they must marry another man.”

Miss San Antonio Goes to Court to Keep Crown
ABC News: ” A teenage Texas beauty queen is in court to keep her crown following accusations that the recently coronated Miss San Antonio violated her contract and gained too much weight.”

White House to Cut Energy Assistance For the Poor
National Journal: “In a letter to Obama, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., wrote, ‘We simply cannot afford to cut LIHEAP funding during one of the most brutal winters in history. Families across Massachusetts, and the country, depend on these monies to heat their homes and survive the season.'”

New Cash Cow For Big Pharma: Female Sexual Dysfunction
Jezebel: “If you can’t have an orgasm and you’re a lady, then you’re sick and you need medical intervention, or, at least that’s what companies that stand to profit from your perceived dysfunction want you to believe.”

This Week: Women Writers, Hip Hop, & more

Women at Work: A new tally shows how few female writers appear in magazines
Slate: “Women may be shattering glass ceilings, but not in the literary world.”

Some of us are brave, a reflection on hip hop
Feministing: “Hip hop, still, seems regarded as black boogeyman culture that perhaps on a fluke became a global billion-dollar industry.”

Rep. Royce plans to push national-level version of contentious Arizona immigration law
The Daily Caller: “Royce, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee’s Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade subcommittee, told TheDC his legislation would give state-level cops and local law enforcement nationwide the authority to enforce federal immigration laws.”

Guantanamo death highlights US detention policy
Salon: “Gul, a father of 18 children, had been kept in a cage by the U.S. for more than 9 years — since late 2001 when he was abducted in Afghanistan — without ever having been charged with a crime.”

Latino Community Grapples with HPV Prevention, Treatment
NPR: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that Hispanic women have the highest rate of cervical cancer caused by HPV…  Meanwhile, the California Medical Association foundation finds that Latinas aren’t getting screened as often as other women, and are least likely – in that state, anyway – to get a pap test that shows the presence of HPV virus.”

Define Gender Gap? Look Up Wikipedia’s Contributor List
New York Times: “But another number has proved to be an intractable obstacle for the online encyclopedia: surveys suggest that less than 15 percent of its hundreds of thousands of contributors are women.”

This Week: Kanye West, Healthcare, Gay Parents, & more

Black Monsters/White Corpses: Kanye’s Racialized Gender Politics
Racialicious: “I’m not surprised that no one has looked at the very specific positioning of white women in the video as opposed to black women, which dives deeply into the history and construction of black women as beast-like and fearsome, the sexualization of violence, and how the video is a win for both normalized misogyny and upholding the ideals of white supremacy.”

Maybe Jared Loughner Was A Bigot, After All
Slate’s Scocca Blog: “But his membership in the anti-woman wing seems clear. Or is misogyny—even homicidal misogyny—too unremarkable for anyone to dwell on it?”

Healthcare Reform’s Unintended Queer Upside
The Nation: “While this is all great news, it’s just a happy accident of unhappy circumstance: LGBT people inadvertently benefit because we’re a subset of a larger group of low-income, uninsured people.”

Parenting By Gays More Common in South, Census Shows
New York Times: “The pattern, identified by Mr. Gates, is also notable because the families in this region defy the stereotype of a mainstream gay America that is white, affluent, urban and living in the Northeast or on the West Coast.”

Gov.-elect Robert Bentley intends to be governor over all, but says only Christians are his ‘brothers and sisters’
Birmingham News: “Gov.-elect Robert Bentley in a speech at a Baptist church this afternoon said he plans to be the governor of all Alabamians and be color-blind, but he also said people who aren’t ‘saved’ Christians aren’t his brothers and sisters.”

With House debate set, up to half of people under 65 have pre-existing conditions
Washington Post: “The secretary of health and human services released the study on Tuesday, hours before the House began considering a Republican bill that would repeal the new law to overhaul the health-care system. “

This Week: Haiti still in peril, women in combat, abortion rates, & more

Year ‘was hell for us': Will Haiti be rebuilt?
MSNBC: “Despite an outpouring of solidarity for Haiti from around the world, billions of dollars of aid pledges and a huge ongoing humanitarian operation, ordinary Haitians say they are still waiting to see a positive impact in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest state.”

Ban on Women In Combat Is Discriminatory, High Level Military Panel Says
Huffington Post: “A high-level military advisory panel is set to recommend that the armed services overturn its policy barring women from serving in combat roles, a step that would remove a key structural barrier for women trying to advance their military careers.”

US Abortion Rates Stall After Decades of Decline
Feministing: “The article suggests that among other reasons harassment against providers and clients has had a chilling effect on women accessing abortion and even contraceptive services.”

Under Siege in Somalia, a Doctor Holds Her Ground
New York Times: “Hundreds of women from the sprawling refugee camp on Dr. Abdi’s property dared to protest, adding to a flood of condemnation from Somalis abroad that forced the militants to back down.”

Paranoia as Prelude: Conspiracism and the Cost of Political Rage
Tim Wise: “We have surrounded ourselves with amplified noise machines, which pump only those tunes we are already predisposed to hear, and in so doing we make enemies of our brothers and sisters.”

Race Card: The Chinese Parenting Controversy and the Vilification of Mothers of Color
Bitch Magazine: “But rather than debate the pros and cons of Chua’s childrearing strategies, I’d like to examine a major stereotype running through her piece: Mothers of color are cruel. “