Healthcare organizations are dynamic ecosystems with users that include clinicians as well as business and IT support. While they have different information access needs, the ultimate goal of all of these roles is to provide quality care and keep sensitive patient information secure.

Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Microsoft Azure Active Directory) is a cloud-based access management system that can be used across all lines of business in a healthcare organization. Though its name has changed, the solution still provides the same sophisticated security features beyond typical passwords.

“We used to have organizations say, we don’t trust the cloud, the cloud’s not secure. And the irony is the cloud is more secure than anything anybody has on-premises,” says Kent Compton, principal solution architect of Microsoft Identity and Security for CDW. “Almost all of the hacks have been to on-premises systems as opposed to cloud systems.”

With organizations re-evaluating policies they instituted during the COVID-19 pandemic, Compton says it’s the perfect time to upgrade access management procedures.

“My team and I make sure that customers spend time understanding the different Entra ID features,” he says. “We want to understand the objective that they are trying to solve. Then we can work backward and find the features that can help.”

Below, Compton outlines some of the top Entra ID features that give healthcare organizations safer and…

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