If your teen is heading off to college soon, you may want to add one more item to their list of dorm room essentials: this compact electric hot pot that your student has probably already seen trending on TikTok.

Right now, the Dezin electric hot pot is on sale for up to 52% off on Amazon (the purple color is at the highest discount), and the company specifically notes it’s great for dorm use, particularly because of its many safety features. It has an overheating and dry boil-protection, a temperature control function that prevents contents from getting too hot, and an exterior that stays completely cool while operating so you don’t have to worry about surfaces melting.

Many dorm-dwellers on TikTok agree that this stove-free pot is useful for boiling water, cooking eggs and oatmeal and preparing other simple dishes in their rooms, while even non-school-goers love using it to prepare personal Shabu-shabu dishes right at their kitchen tables. Also, the nonstick, wipe-clean interior couldn’t make cleanup any easier.

You can read even more first-person accounts of the Dezin’s cooking capabilities below, or snag one fast before this over-half-off sale ends.

(Although the company took into consideration many elements of safety when designing this pot, it may be a good idea to check your specific dorm’s policies before using it.)

Promising Amazon reviews:

“My daughter took this to summer camp and used it to make popcorn and hot chocolate in her dorm room, it heats up fast and is easy to clean! Great little pot.” — Sharay Brown

“I bought this pot for college. As of what I know right now the pot heats up very well and has so much space for you to cook yourself a nice hot meal.” — Kaileigh Brooks

“Among all the other things I love about using this is it stays completely cool to the touch. I mean you can hold it in the palm of your hand while [it’s] on high. I’ve had a few other cheaper products that get hot and this alone is worth the price.” — Amazon customer

″[I’ve] had my hot pot for a month. Love it, so very easy to use and clean. [I] made soup, mac and cheese, and rice cooks faster than on the stove. The only draw back is not a lot of information on how to cook with it. Wish they give you recipes. I think this would be great for a dorm room, or in a hotel. I would highly recommend it. A great gift for beginner cooks.” — Kathy M

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