The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is on sale once again for its all-time low price of $24.99 ($30 off) at Best Buy and Target. It’s one of the best streaming devices you can buy, especially if you prefer one that can neatly hide behind your TV and has excellent support for voice controls. Its Fire TV operating system highlights Prime Video content a lot, and it does have some ads, but its speedy performance and Wi-Fi 6 speeds at this low price are a worthwhile tradeoff. Plus, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max has a tight integration with Amazon smart home accessories, allowing you to ask Alexa to set the mood by dimming the lights in addition to calling up apps or searches with your voice.

Another notable deal on Amazon hardware is the latest Echo Show 8 smart display, which is on sale at Best Buy for $59.99 ($70 off). Like the Fire Stick above, the second-gen Echo Show 8 is also matching its lowest price to date.

The midsize Echo Show has an eight-inch display that’s kind of the Goldilocks “just right” size of Amazon’s smart displays. It’s big enough for video calls, reading recipes, getting informative glances of the weather and news, and listening to music or podcasts on its pretty loud speakers. But at eight inches, it’s not too big to plant down on a kitchen countertop or in a living room or bedroom.

The Turtle Beach Recon Cloud controller is on sale for, frankly, a ridiculously low price of just $27.67 (about $52 off) at Amazon. The Recon Cloud is wireless via Bluetooth on Android phones and Windows PCs and wired on Xbox Series X / S consoles. It comes with a mounting clip for smartphones, making it a nice package for game streaming on services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but unlike other clips, it threads into the controller with a sturdy screw for more stability. Plus, it has lots of handy headphone controls for when you’re playing in wired mode and two programmable rear buttons to give you a slight competitive edge in online shooters.

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