I gasped when Giuseppe the poet walked out the dressing room at the Drew Barrymore Show with his package looking … like that! It was a funny little segment, especially when Drew just has her jaw on the floor but keeps trying to get through her script. However, did anyone else feel like there were just too many things happening in this episode? I would have loved one less storyline. I’m not even sure this should have been cut out because it was fun and lighthearted, but it also just felt random for a Valentine’s Day episode. — Erin

So, a little peek behind the curtain: when reporters and critics get screeners of a show, sometimes the episodes aren’t quite done yet, especially the later ones. There are visual effects, ADR, and other post-production elements that still might need to be added. So when I watched the screener for this episode a while back, the Drew segment wasn’t in here — all we could see was Charlotte watching a blank screen and reacting to it. So I was very much looking forward to seeing the final product — and it delivered (pun intended)! I agree, Erin, that there was A LOT going on in this episode. But somehow, with so many storylines, characters still get short shrift, as we talk about here, week after week. This was comedy gold, though.

Also, I’m obsessed with Anthony’s bread phone. — Marina

I’m no lawyer, but I don’t think it’s legal to fire all (or any) of your employees on the spot for taking human growth hormone. However, all of these dudes seemed bizarrely fine with being out of a job! I honestly thought they were about to unionize over the right to wear coats over their uniforms in the winter. — Lydia

Lol, a Hot Fellas union! I support their right to unionize. At the same time, I agree with Anthony that they were not the right vibe for Drew and her audience. Orange juice and juice heads, indeed, do not go together. — Marina

Loved the Drew Barrymore appearance, but obviously, there were even bigger stars this episode…sorry, bad joke…

But seriously, I thought this whole Hot Fellas ordeal was pretty amusing today. The growth hormone piece? That got a little chuckle out of me. But, Giuseppe situation on the Drew Barrymore show was totally uncalled for. — Taiyler

Drew Barrymore has expressed her love for “SATC” numerous times on her talk show, so I was thrilled that she (and, by extension, Ross Mathews) was able to make a guest appearance. The bit about Giuseppe and his, um, bread basket felt very classic “SATC” to me. His storyline with Anthony felt a bit open-ended – I wonder if he’ll be sticking around a bit for future episodes. — Curtis

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