“NTA or ESH, waffling back and forth here. I get the desire to hang out without kids, and it’s a valid one. The reality is also that you’re in a group where most of the people are or will be moms, so the idea that it’s ever going to be easy to make plans where everyone leaves their kids at home is kind of a pipe dream, yeah? Not to mention it’s kind of presumptuous to assume they could leave their kids at home but actively choose not to; it’s more charitable to believe that if someone is asking to bring their kid along, it’s for a reason other than trying to be a pain.”
u/minuialear“ESH. Them because they shouldn’t have brought their kids without discussing it. You, because honestly, if I was friends with someone who seemingly wanted nothing to do with my children, you’d be removed from my life. I understand kids being brought to adult meetups isn’t okay, but you seem to want to avoid your friends’ kids altogether.”

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