A suspected arsonist has been caught in drone footage released by authorities in Italy’s Calabria region amidst the ongoing wildfires, bringing a different perspective to the blame game of climate change.

Mainstream media outlets have quickly pointed to human-induced climate change as the primary cause of the wildfires. However, this new evidence suggests a different, potentially more sinister, origin.

The drone footage released by the authorities showed a man driving in a motorbike in a densely wooded area. As the drone approaches, the individual is seen throwing rocks in an attempt to destroy the aerial device.

It is still unclear if the suspected arsonist was arrested.


Roberto Occhiuto, the president of the Calabria region, expressed his determination to take strong action against arsonists. He disclosed that 22 such suspects had been apprehended last year through drone surveillance, according to the Independent.

The ongoing wildfires in Italy’s southern region have caused substantial loss of life and property. Sicily, the southern island of Italy, has been particularly hard hit. The regional president confirmed that three elderly individuals lost their lives in the fires. The Italian Fire Department reported that they battled nearly 1,400 fires between Sunday and Tuesday, including 650 in Sicily and 390 in Calabria.

As Italy continues to grapple with these severe wildfires, the released drone footage poses critical questions about the roots of these calamities. Are we witnessing the stark reality of climate change, or is there a more sinister human factor at play, seeking to exploit our fears and concerns over a warming planet?

Just last month in California, 71-year-old Edward Hackerman was arrested and accused of starting last year’s Oak Fire, which fake news media blamed to climate change.

Hackerman was taken into custody for starting the fired that charred over 19,000 acres.

Hackerman is reportedly a retired firefighter with 12 years experience. The fire destroyed 127 homes and over 60 other buildings.

Edward Wackerman is a Democrat donor who gave money to The Lincoln Project and other leftist campaigns.

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