Despite his ongoing legal troubles — with more indictments still expected to come — Donald Trump is still the frontrunner to become the Republican nominee for president in 2024. But, CNN political commentator Geoff Duncan thinks that would be “a lot like peeing in your pants” for the party.

Duncan appeared on “CNN This Morning Weekend” on Saturday with that assertion, saying that what the GOP really needs is “somebody that’s got the whole package.” And Trump, he asserted, is definitely not that.

“Nominating Donald Trump for the Republican party is a lot like peeing in your pants,” Duncan said. “It’s going to feel good for a couple seconds, but then you wake up and you realize the realities of what you just did. We’re going to get beat in the general because we picked the wrong candidate. We couldn’t get out of our own way.”

Duncan argued that there are “certainly some” candidates that are doing what they need to do to possibly break through, including Chris Christie and Will Hurd. But, he added, there’s one thing that every Republican needs to do in order to have a chance.

“Look, they should all be unanimous in rebuking anything Donald Trump has to do and say,” Duncan argued. “He’s hijacked our Republican party.”

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