Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) laid it out. There is no connection between Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s business dealings.

Video of Goldman:

Goldman told reporters, “There’s no connection in any bank records and any recollection in any testimony between President Biden and his son Hunter’s business dealings, like many people. Hunter spoke with his father every day and would often put his father occasionally would put his father on to say hello to whomever he happened to be caught at dinner with, and Mr. Archer clarified. That was sometimes people that they were having you know, they were trying to do business with and it was sometimes friends or other social engagements.”

Rep. Goldman was asked about the House Republican claim of Biden shell companies, “There is no evidence Than anyone other than Hunter Biden received any money in connection with the business transactions with Devon Archer.”

The New York congressman also said that Archer confirmed that President Biden never spoke to anyone about his son’s business dealings.

If Devon Archer told the truth, there was no Biden bribery. As vice president, Biden did not try to use his influence to help his son’s business dealings, and that means that Republicans have no scandal.

James Comer keeps digging through bank records like they are the glue that holds his conspiracy theory together, but Archer was supposed to be the GOP’s smoking gun witness, but all he seems to have done was blow apart the scandal.

House Republicans will still press forward because they want to impeach President Biden, but impeaching the President is looking like a potential disaster for the GOP.


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