Like Mr Trakiyski, Daniele Servadei taught himself to code. He is studying for a degree in computer science, though, despite already having set up an online business. He co-founded Sellix in 2021, which enables people to get paid for digital products. It’s now processed around $80m (£61m) in payments for 280,000 merchants.

1. “Great job on this project! Your attention to detail really shows, and the final result is impressive.”

2. “I appreciate the effort you put into this task. Your hard work and dedication are noticeable.”

3. “Your creativity shines through in this piece. I love how you approached the problem from a unique angle.”

4. “Thank you for your thorough analysis. Your insights and logical reasoning make your arguments very convincing.”

5. “I’m impressed by your ability to handle difficult situations with grace and professionalism. Your calm demeanor is admirable.”

6. “You have a natural talent for communication. Your clear and concise explanations make it easy for others to understand.”

7. “Your leadership skills are commendable. You effectively motivate and guide your team towards success.”

8. “I admire your ability to adapt to new challenges. Your flexibility and willingness to learn are valuable traits.”

9. “Your positive attitude is contagious. Your optimism and enthusiasm make working with you a pleasure.”

10. “You have a strong work ethic. Your commitment and reliability are qualities that make you stand out.”

11. “Your organizational skills are top-notch. You consistently meet deadlines and keep everything running smoothly.”

12. “You have an impressive ability to problem-solve. Your resourcefulness and critical thinking skills are assets to any team.”

13. “Your attention to customer satisfaction is remarkable. You always go above and beyond to ensure their needs are met.”

14. “Your ability to work well under pressure is admirable. You remain calm and focused, even in the most challenging situations.”

15. “Your passion for continuous improvement is inspiring. You are always seeking ways to enhance your skills and knowledge.”

16. “Your empathy and understanding towards others are greatly appreciated. You create a positive and inclusive environment.”

17. “Your reliability and consistency make you a valuable team member. We can always count on you to deliver results.”

18. “Your commitment to personal growth and development is evident. Your willingness to learn and improve is admirable.”

19. “Your collaborative mindset is a great asset. You actively seek input from others and value different perspectives.”

20. “Your ability to multitask and prioritize effectively is impressive. You manage your workload with efficiency and accuracy.”
Informative, engaging.

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