Eco-terrorists in New York City on Thursday blocked the entrance to Citigroup’s headquarters while assaulting an employee trying to get to her job.

Two of the “activist” groups present were the “New York Communities For Change,” and “Stop The Money Pipeline.” They were protesting the bank because it financially backs the oil, gas, and coal industries. Over 20 people were arrested.

Fox Business reported:

Police made several arrests outside Citigroup’s headquarters in New York City on Thursday morning after demonstrators blocked entrances to the building during a climate protest.

Activist groups including New York Communities for Change and Stop the Money Pipeline took part in the protest over the bank’s financial backing of oil, gas and coal industries, and said last week in an advisory that there would be “civil disobedience” outside Citi’s Manhattan headquarters.

People wearing hazmat suits were seen being detained by police, who were eventually able to clear a path for employees to enter the building.

The New York Police Department told FOX Business roughly 150 people were in attendance at the demonstration, and 24 individuals were arrested and taken into custody.

A video posted to social media shows an Eco-terrorist on the ground with her hands chained behind her back. She is then lifted up and escorted away while complaining.

Another video shows an employee of Citi Group trying to get into the building to get to her job. She is met by a psychotic mob trying to prevent her from entering the building. As she is approaching the door she is assaulted by a large man who was using his body to keep her away from the door.

Eco-terrorism has become an all too common these days. In July, Gateway had reported on Vegan Eco-Terrorists who vandalized a yacht belonging to Walmart heiress Nancy Walton. These kind of groups want to force veganism on basically everyone and want to prevent stores from selling any meat or fish.

Vegan eco-terrorists vandalized Walmart heiress Nancy Walton’s superyacht in Ibiza, Spain on July 15th.

The far-left activists from ‘Futuro Vegetal’ sprayed red and black paint on the $240 million yacht.

They proudly posed in front of the vandalized yacht with a sign that read, ‘You Consume Others Suffer.’

Futuro Vegetal, a group that aims to force a vegan, plant-based food system on the world, claimed credit for the vandalism.

“We cannot continue like this, it is a matter of life and death. Listen to us, share our message!” the far-left group wrote on social media.

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