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TORONTO — Capitalizing on $70 million in cumulated revenue generated by six distinct brands, Stakk Ventures, a newly formed global enterprise headquartered in Toronto, is leveraging its collective accomplishments to inaugurate a multi-brand conglomerate which will serve as a powerful asset for the group.

The collective strength of these brands has created a robust network of partners and clients, including numerous Euronext-listed companies.

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The Brands That Make Up the Conglomerate

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  • BME Consulting: A spend and procurement management advisory firm based in Lyon, France, boasting $17M in annual revenue and growing 80% year-over-year.
  • The Blox: A startup accelerator with 20+ startups alumni and $30M+ raised in pre-seed funding, backed by investors like Techstars, Ubisoft, GSR, DFG, and Jsquare.
  • Sourcing Force: A sourcing platform managing nearly $400M in spend, and recognized as one of the fastest growing startups by the Financial Times.
  • P&L Partners: A specialized accounting firm serving startups from seed to Series A+.
  • Conv3rgence: An annual event held in Toronto that fosters creative entrepreneurship.
  • Wisperin: A creative interface design and marketing firm with over 50 successful projects built and launched.

Ben Constanty, CEO of Stakk Ventures says:

“Launching Stakk Ventures truly encapsulates all our aspirations. For over a decade, we’ve seen every angle of business growth — bootstrapping from the ground up, fueling our ventures through self-funding, and successfully securing external capital. Today, we’re leveraging our combined expertise to help startups and established companies alike.”

How Stakk Ventures empowers companies

  • Corporate Innovation: Operates an accelerator program aimed at fast-tracking business growth and fostering innovation within corporate settings.
  • Venture Studio: Focuses on the ideation, development, and market readiness of in-house startups, serving as an incubator for new business ventures.
  • Subject-Matter Advisory: Provides comprehensive guidance that ranges from startups to established corporations, covering crucial areas from product development to financial strategy.
  • Strategic Investment and Acquisitions: Actively engages in the strategic investment and acquisition of businesses, expanding both its financial and operational reach.

A Vision Echoed by Leadership

“Stakk Ventures is the culmination of many years of hard work. Together, our companies contribute to a robust annual revenue of approximately $20 million, as we continue to experience rapid growth. We are now well-positioned to extend our services on a larger scale.” says Olivier Audino, VP of the group.

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