Eric Bolling and Rudy Giuliani on Bolling’s Newsmax show.

Earlier today before President Trump’s indictment on free speech violations, Mike Pence thought it would be a good idea to attack President Trump and his attorneys.

Pence lashed out at Rudy Giuliani and Trump’s attorneys, “Sadly, the president was surrounded by a group of crackpot lawyers that kept telling him what his itching ears wanted to hear.”

Pence also lied to the American public about his role on January 6.

Hopefully the money is good, Judas Pence.

Later today former Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani blasted Judas Pence for his disgusting smears.

Eric Bolling: Prosecutor, or whatever his actual title. What do you say to Jack Smith?

Rudy Giuliani: You really should have started doing something for a living different than this when the Supreme Court found you to be unethical, like, you. You should not be in charge of anything serious, you screwed up so many cases. The only reason you can be selected by an intelligent person is to screw up a case. I selected thousands of lawyers for cases. Personally, I never lost a case as a prosecutor, and I think I was the last US Attorney in the Southern District to go to court and try cases myself.

So I’m a real trial lawyer, not make believe like a lot of these people. I once got a congressman to break down on the witness stand and confess. So I really know what I’m doing.

And to be described as – What did Pence say? I don’t think he’s ever been in a courtroom? And he went to a law school nobody even knows! I mean, I thought before this all happened he was a really good guy, but too weak to be president. I always worried about him following Trump because I would see him with his wife having something around his neck every night and walking around. She doesn’t let him go… Well she lets him go to the bathroom by himself, that’s about it.

But imagine that skunk doing what he did! I mean, if you can’t separate Trump from the First Amendment issue here, then you’re just not a good person. This is not about Trump. If this were being done to my worst enemy, I would be fighting the case for them. If they can take his free speech rights away, they can take anybody’s away.

Via Eric Bolling The Balance.

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