Digital identity company Imprivata and regional partner PFH Technology Group have won a national framework contract with Health Service Executive (HSE) to deliver Imprivata OneSign, an Enterprise Access Management solution, to healthcare organisations across Ireland.

Health staff will be able to instantly access clinical systems by entering their password once per shift and reauthenticating with just the tap of their ID badge, reducing the reliance on remembering complex passwords and associated stress for stretched clinicians, while improving security of sensitive patient data.

David Wall, chief information officer at Tallaght University Hospital, said: “Imprivata OneSign will enable clinical staff that need to access patient records electronically to move between computer systems without the need to log into solutions more than once.

“Clinical staff will be able to move seamlessly between systems staying with the same patient, which provides the infrastructure to support effective clinical decision making. “

The framework competition was conducted by Tallaght University Hospital on behalf of the HSE.

In a pilot study conducted by Tallaght University Hospital, Imprivata’s Enterprise Access Management solution has shown to save up to 50 minutes per shift for busy clinical staff; time that can be redirected to patient care.

The Imprivata solution is part of the eHealth National Single Sign-on project and will be made available across the Irish public health and social care system to provide a digital workplace. The initial roll-out will involve:

  • Tallaght University Hospital
  • Beaumont Hospital
  • Rotunda Hospital
  • Galway University Hospital
  • Cork University Maternity Hospitals
  • National Forensic Mental Health Service Hospital
  • National Rehabilitation Hospital

Daniel Johnston, MRes, RN, Sr clinical workflow specialist & UK NHS clinical safety officer at Imprivata, said: “Connecting care systems through digital transformation can improve efficiency and satisfaction, making the day-to-day experiences of clinicians easier and more fulfilling.

“Breaking down the barriers to accessing technology with solutions such as single sign-on is a significant step forward for clinicians on the frontline.”

Imprivata were also featured in Digital Health news back in April when the company announced the launch of two free first of their kind tools, the Imprivata Digital Identity Maturity Model and Digital Identity Maturity Assessment.

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