Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy claimed that the latest Trump felony charges don’t concern him at all because the real problem is President Biden.

McCarthy said when asked by CNN’s Manu Raju if he is concerned about the latest felony charges against Trump, “No. What concerns me is that you have a sitting president that has a situation like this, and nothing’s happened.”

Raju said, “But they’re alleging he obstructed the investigation.”

Speaker McCarthy responded, “But the current president had a document as a senator. There’s no question that when you have a document as a senator, you have no right to it.”

Raju tried reality again, “You’re talking about construction versus handing the documents over. They are two different things.”

McCarthy kept going, ” Well, how. you’ve had it since you were a senator. You cannot leave the room with the document. If I ever had a document that would be beyond obstruction because I know I can’t take that document out of the SCIF. When he was a senator, he took a document. How many years is that, and there is no prosecution? So that’s what everybody sits back and says what are these two tiers of justice, right?”


How embarrassing for the nation that the Speaker of the House is twisting facts and reality to try to excuse the alleged felonies of the former president. The difference between Trump and Biden is that there is no evidence that Biden willfully stole classified information, showed it to anyone else, lied to the Department of Justice, and refused to return it when caught.

Keven McCarthy and other Republicans refuse to see the reality that if Donald Trump would have given the documents back when the National Archives asked for them, he would not have been criminally charged.

Donald Trump built this prosecution through his criminal conduct.

Speaker McCarthy’s excuse-making and intentional effort to mislead the American people is a disgrace and a demonstration of why he and House Republicans must be removed from the majority next year.

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