During his 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden swore he would cease any more construction on the border wall; the common left-wing position being that any national sovereignty for America is racist and xenophobic. 

And yet, President Biden has quietly constructed small parts of the border wall. In a rare moment for Uncle Joe, it appears he is forced into doing the right thing due to a pesky little issue called the law. 

While mainstream media is ignoring this development, a story did bubble up this long weekend that caught my attention and tickled my historical funny bone. The Mexican border city and long-time party town Tijuana has erected a piece of the Berlin Wall to artistically protest one of these contracted border wall projects.

Ich bin ein Amerikaner

President Biden has had to continue the construction of parts of the border wall that were already contracted projects, to include a sizeable section in San Diego that slices through the whimsically named Friendship Park. 

In defiant artful protest, a large piece of the Berlin Wall has been erected in Tijuana, facing the construction of the border wall. The protest art installation is called ‘A World Without Walls,’ and at the base on a plaque are the following words coined by Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero:

“May this be a lesson to build a society that knocks down walls and builds bridges.”

Mayor Caballero explained her reasoning for approving the placement of the historical relic:

“How many families have shed blood, labor and their lives to get past the wall? The social and political conflict is different than the Berlin Wall, but it’s a wall at the end of the day.”

We might be getting too fast and loose with our historic symbolic comparisons, Ms. Caballero. Yes, the walls that make up both my home and the ones in prison cells have different social and political conflicts than the Berlin Wall, but they’re still walls at the end of the day!

But then again, accuracy doesn’t really matter when we live in a world that doesn’t value history.

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Vacationer Sandra Flores raved about the installation, stating:

“It’s a little less severe here than it was in Germany but it’s a wall that divides nations, lives, social and economic lives and everything related to the United States.”

Oh, how easily obnoxious displays of political protest entrance the masses.

Better than a war?

Mayor Caballero says that the continued construction of the border wall in her region represents “violence” and “family separation.” These are interesting choices given the current state of affairs in towns stretching coast to coast along the southern border.

Yesterday, the U.S. Consulate in the Mexico border town of Matamoros told employees to shelter in place due to intense gun violence. Matamoros borders Brownsville in Texas; both cities are known for violence associated with drug trafficking.

It’s important to note this is the exact location where four people were kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, two of whom were executed. In July of this year, 27 bodies were found hacked to pieces in a shallow grave four miles from the border in Tamaulipas, another area known for drug cartel warfare and human trafficking. 

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Last month, the sheriff of Arizona’s border county in Cochise, Mark Dannels, told members of Congress that the surge in crime in his jurisdiction shows a collaboration between the Mexican crime syndicate and American citizens:

“You look at over the last 18 months, just under 2,300 people were booked in my jail for border-related crimes. … Out of that, only 131 were foreign-born or illegally in the country. The rest were all U.S. citizens driving from all over the country to come to my county to commit international crimes.”

President John F. Kennedy once said of the Berlin Wall that a wall is better than a war. While comparing the Berlin Wall to our border wall is ridiculous – for starters, because the border wall is not designed to keep American citizens hostage to a communist regime – I would argue our border wall is a better alternative than the actual war we are losing against the Mexican drug cartels.

Mr. Biden, build more wall

Last year, there were 108,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States, 71,000 of which were from fentanyl. Earlier this year, Mexican President Andres Obrador was insulted at the accurate insinuation that Mexico is part of our fentanyl problem:

“Here, we do not produce fentanyl, and we do not have consumption of fentanyl. Why don’t they (the United States) take care of their problem of social decay?”

While I agree we have a problem with our ‘social decay,’ I find it insulting that Mexican authorities continue to argue that they aren’t the problem regarding our border crisis. The Mexican drug cartels are waging war on our border towns to further capitalize on the drug and human trafficking business that is booming thanks to our open border.

Whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas told Congress this year:

“Whether intentional or not, it can be argued that the U.S. government has become the middleman in a large scale, multi-billion, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children.”

Do you want to opine on violence and family separation, Mayor Caballero? Chew on this statistic.

Last year, in your party town, there were over 1,900 homicides, making Tijuana the deadliest city in Mexico in addition to the southern border drug trafficking hub for the cartels. We have a phrase for people like you; it has to do with a pot and the color black.

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Embracing boundaries

I usually can’t stand Gen X’rs and younger who blab on about “boundaries” in relationships. Still, they might be onto something.

Clear boundaries are a good thing in every situation. Boundaries tell you how far you can proceed with a situation or into an area.

Right now, we have yet to establish any actual clear boundaries with Mexico. And just like a family member or friend who abuses a relationship, the Mexican government and the crime rings that control it are taking advantage of our open border.

Unlike the dramatics of a relationship where the lack of boundaries at worst leads to hurt feelings and resentment, these open borders have resulted in much more horrific situations. Women are forced to sell their bodies to pay off their debts to coyotes and Americans working for the drug cartels and human trafficking rings that smuggle them into our country.

Children are kidnapped and sold as slaves in factories if lucky, or as sexual toys for monsters if less lucky. Poison is pouring into our country via fentanyl, destroying lives and setting off depth charge-style bombs in families in every state of our nation.

A wall is merely one critical step in securing our border and protecting our country. We should be asking ourselves why the left in our country and the elected leaders in our southern neighbor don’t seem to be interested in protecting the innocent women, children, and American families who are the victims of this abusive relationship.

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