MSNBC anchors Mehdi Hasan and Ayman Mohyeldin cracked up on Sunday as they dissected just some of the awkward, meme-worthy moments that have plagued Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) faltering 2024 run.

DeSantis “can reboot his campaign as many times as he likes but his campaign cannot change the fact that he himself is a charm-free, charisma-free, humor-free zone, a rigid, unlikable, antisocial automaton of a presidential candidate,” said Hasan.

“It is no wonder he is behind by 30 points,” he added.

Current polls put former President Donald Trump in first place in the GOP race with 52.4 percentage points and DeSantis in second with 18.4.

Watching DeSantis do “retail politics” was “painful, gut-wrenching, cringeworthy,” said Mohyeldin. “This was the guy that conservatives said was going to be the future of the party and yet he can’t even fake being relatable.”

Watch the video here:

And Hasan’s analysis of DeSantis’ campaign here:


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