Virtually daily, Fox News argues that President Biden is too old and not capable of being president, but Peter Doocy reported from Vietnam that Biden has been working all night and pulling all-nighters.

Clip of Doocy:

Doocy said, “He has been basically working all through the night, The equivalent of an all-nighter Eastern time, so he’s probably pretty tired, pretty jet lagged.”

In the four years that Donald Trump was president, the number of times that it was claimed that he pulled an all-nighter doing work was zero. Trump spent most of his presidency watching TV and billing the taxpayers for trips to his properties so that he could play golf. The former president hated overseas travel so much that the White House stopped sending him on trips and sent Mike Pence instead.

Yet Fox News and conservative media have been pushing the idea that Joe Biden is too old to serve a second term in office, only to have their talking point blown to bits by Peter Doocy as he covers Biden in Vietnam.


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