How severe is the lawfare crisis in America today?

Peter Navarro, the Former Director of Trade and Manufacturing in the Trump White House, hosted The War Room on Friday night. Peter read excerpts from his latest column at The Washington Times titled, “End Democrats starting a second civil war before it begins.”

Peter pointed out in his latest report that EVERY single Trump official he worked with

Peter Navarro: Never did I imagine in January 2017, when I entered the White House to serve my country, that virtually everyone I would share a foxhole with, along with the President himself, would be assaulted with indictment after indictment and subpoena after subpoena, not just by the Department of justice, but also by big city prosecutors and blue state Attorneys General.

Everybody! Everybody that I came into the White House with that was of any consequence. Loyal President Trump has either been indicted for something and or subpoenaed – Grand jury, Select Committee, Georgia, Arizona, whatever! It’s like this has never happened in the history of the Republic. Think about it. Everybody in a White House winds up under indictment or subpoena by the opposition party. Now, why is that?…

…The Democrats’ lawfare goal is to convict Mr. Trump of anything that will prevent him from running for president or serving if he wins. A little historical reference here. As Stalin’s Deputy Premier Baria once boasted, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

This withering assault on my former boss constitutes unlawful election interference at best and seditious conspiracy at worst.

The American Marxists made Republicans their enemy and declared war on the Trump administration.

Republicans sat back afraid to speak out or take action as usual. As a result of the GOP cowardice the country is quickly sliding into a totalitarian state. It will only get worse.

Democrats are out to ruin Trump, his closest advisors and all of his supporters. We need strong leaders to stand up and act. Now is the time.

Via Midnight Rider.

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