Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling for Russia and North Korea to intensify their ties amid rumors that he could meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the coming days.

“I am convinced that thanks to our joint efforts we will continue to strengthen … bilateral ties on all fronts,” Putin said in a letter addressed to Kim on Friday, quoted by AFP and North-Korean media.

The message came as North Korea celebrated the 75th anniversary of its foundation with a parade in Pyongyang which was reportedly attended by Russian and Chinese representatives.

A U.S. official earlier this week said that Kim may travel to Russia to meet Putin by the end of September as Russia is looking for military equipment for its invasion of Ukraine. The North Korean leader might travel for 20 hours in a luxury armored train.

U.S. intelligence gatherings have indicated that Russia and North Korea are in talks on arms supplies, with Russian officials repeatedly visiting North Korea and Putin exchanging letters with Kim.

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