Rudy Giuliani went on Newsmax and admitted that Trump lied about the election being stolen, but that is okay because lies are protected under the First Amendment. Of course, Trump wasn’t indicted for a lie.

Giuliani said, “Well. If you don’t agree with the regime. They tried to disbar you and they try to imprison you. What does that sound like? Sounds like Communist China to me, not the United States of America. Biden has ruined our country. It’s a disgrace What he’s done, and I don’t care if you hate Donald Trump. This is a violation of his right of free speech. You even have a right to lie under the First Amendment. The strange thing areas the people lying But the people bringing this and this count they have here, conspiracy against rights. They should be indicted for conspiracy against rights for bringing this indictment. It’s a conspiracy against those.”


The federal indictment doesn’t charge Trump with lying. The lie when expressed as an opinion is free speech. The problem is that Trump used his lie as a basis to defraud the United States, carry out an obstruction of government function, and try to take away the vote. It wasn’t the lie, but the actions that were criminal.

Rudy Giuliani is admitting that it was all a lie. He is making it impossible for Trump to put up the pretext of a defense that he thought he won the election.

Giuliani keeps opening his mouth and giving Jack Smith more ammo to use to lock Trump up.

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