Even though PlayStation Plus has a convoluted structure, the video game subscription service remains a worthwhile choice for avid gamers. It’s especially an affordable entry point for PS5 owners (and Sony just announced there are around 40 million of you) who missed out on previous generations of Sony’s console. Longtime PlayStation devotees may have to really dig through the catalog to uncover a delightful surprise.

The three tiers of PS Plus are Essential, Extra, and Premium. Essential is the cheapest option; for $10 a month you gain access to online multiplayer and can download a couple of curated titles each month. The Extra tier is similar to Xbox Game Pass, and it’s the main focus of this roundup. You receive access to over 100 games for $15 a month with this option. Another $3 elevates you to the Premium tier, which mainly adds streaming access to classic PlayStation games.

For a deeper diver into this subscription service, check out our PS Plus explainer. Searching for even more PlayStation picks? We got you covered with this list of top-tier PS5 games.

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