Once again, President Trump was indicted on Tuesday – the DAY AFTER Hunter Biden’s best friend and business associate Devon Archer testified that the Joe Biden was included on 20 calls when his son was sitting with foreign officials arranging influence peddling deals for the family.

Archer also testified that Joe Biden met with Russia’s Yelena Baturina who invested $40 million into Hunter Biden’s real estate ventures. And she also paid Hunter Biden $3.5 million in consulting fees. Joe Biden later excluded Baturina from his Russian sanctions list.

So what happened next? President Trump was indicted again today by corrupt Special Counsel Jack Smith.

For those paying attention this is not the first time this has happened. There have been at least six times now where new evidence was released implicating the Biden Crime Family and then President Trump is indicted by the Biden regime the next day.

President Trump was indicted along with six co-conspirators.

CNN named five of the co-conspirators tonight including Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy later went on with Eric Bolling to discuss today’s indictment.  Rudy was in rare form.  The former New York City Mayor screamed at corrupt Special Counsel Jack Smith.  Only in government can you fail your way to the top.  That is Jack Smith’s story.

Rudy Giuliani:  If you don’t agree with the regime, they try to disbar you and they try to imprison you. What does that sound like? Sounds like Communist China to me. Not the United States of America. Biden has ruined our country. It’s a disgrace what he’s done. And I don’t care if you hate Donald Trump. This is a violation of his right of free speech. You even have a right to lie under the First Amendment. Now, he (Trump) didn’t. The strange thing here is the people lying are the people bringing this and this count they have here, conspiracy against rights. They should be indicted for conspiracy against rights for bringing this indictment…

…I don’t have any information that he violated any law. What I do have is I would seriously consider indicting them for 18 USC. Section 241. For indicting a man for exercising his right of free speech, that’s a conspiracy against rights. These people are dangerous.

On Joe Biden… Rudy Giuliani: There’s no way this wasn’t rushed, because it’s also poorly written and has a lot of mistakes in it. This was rushed for two reasons. One, yesterday, Biden got his head kicked in completely. The false exculpatory statements that were revealed yesterday, 24 of which most lawyers would understand this, completely convict him. Under the law, a false exculpatory statement is as powerful as a confession that comes right out of evidence, textbooks. What Archer did is prove that for ten years, Biden has been lying completely. All of that can be used against him as evidence of guilt. It’s very, very powerful. It’s much more damaging than, I think even a lot of the Congressmen realized. And it makes him, like, probably not only the biggest crook in American history. The biggest liar.

Then Rudy Giuliani starts screaming at criminal partisan hack Jack Smith:  Long ago I stopped being careful. And I don’t worry about the Jack Smith’s of this world. I have a chapter in my book called Stand Up to Bullies. So here’s what I say to Jack Smith after the Supreme Court threw out your case, which should have been a disgrace and you should have gone and found another profession because you don’t belong in this one. This one will be your legacy. Violating the right of free speech of an American citizen, never mind whether he was president or not. It could be anybody. It could be a homeless person. You don’t get to violate people’s First Amendment right, Smith, no matter who the hell you are or no matter how sick you are with Trump derangement syndrome. And this isn’t the first time you’ve acted like an unethical lawyer. It should be the last.

Video via Newsmax.

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