Trump suggested that money that was supposed to go to paying for ads and rallies for his presidential campaign is instead being spent on legal bills.

The former president posted on Truth Social:

CRAZY! My political opponent has hit me with a barrage of weak lawsuits, including D.A., A.G., and others, which require massive amounts of my time & money to adjudicate. Resources that would have gone into Ads and Rallies, will now have to be spent fighting these Radical Left Thugs in numerous courts throughout the Country. I am leading in all Polls, including against Crooked Joe, but this is not a level playing field. It is Election Interference, & the Supreme Court must intercede. MAGA!

Trump confirmed the various reports that his campaign coffers are being drained by the legal bills that he is incurring from all of the criminal cases. Since he isn’t going to stop running for president, Trump’s insistence on trying to drag out all of the criminal trials is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The former president might be better off trying to settle the criminal cases, because the longer he drags them out, the more money they cost him, which makes his campaign less effective, and more likely to lose in November.

Or, Trump could stop committing crimes.

Donald Trump’s campaign money woes are great news for Democrats and another signal that Republicans will be in big trouble if they nominate Trump.

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