On Fox News Sunday, Trump lawyer Alina Habba defended Trump by saying that if he wanted evidence destroyed, it would have been destroyed.

Habba said, “If there was an attempt by somebody who lives in a home, take out President Trump, who owns the IT. He owns it. He owns the IT. He pays all of these employees. If there was an attempt for him to not turn over documents or he wanted something deleted, do you not think that’s not something that he couldn’t have gotten done? Let’s just use common sense. I think the American public forgets to use common sense.”


The defense seems to be that if Trump wanted to commit crimes, he would commit crimes because he can make anything happen that he wants. Since the security footage wasn’t deleted that means that Trump never committed the crime that he is accused of. A defense that appears to say I can commit crimes, but I didn’t commit this crime does sound very good. In fact, it is the kind of defense that could send a person to prison.

Are Trump’s options for a defense this meager, or are Trump’s lawyers trying to get him locked up?

If this sort of thing is what Trump’s defense team is going to court with, it could be an ugly trial and an orange jumpsuit for the former president.

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