A biography of Tucker Carlson sold just 3,000 copies so the book’s publisher has filed a complaint against Amazon alleging that the retailer interfered with book sales.

The book’s publisher is complaining that:


  • Listing the book as “sold out” but then failing to report those “sales” to Bookscan;
  • E-mailing preorder customers to ask if they wanted to cancel their orders, then requiring them to go on a desktop computer, rather than a mobile app or website, to proactively confirm they still wanted the book or face automatic cancellation;
  • Fulfilling orders received after launch before customers who pre-ordered the book.

It could be a vast conspiracy by Amazon to undermine their profits by interfering with book sales, or it could be that since Carlson is no longer on Fox News, he no longer has a massive national platform. The Murdochs are correct that the network is bigger than any of the talent.

Why would Amazon, a company that sells products, undercut its profits by discouraging people from buying Carlson’s book? Amazon sells lots of conservative books, so it is more likely that Carlson’s book only sold 3,000 copies because the world wasn’t interested in the life story of a born wealthy heir whose only major accomplishment is getting fired from every US cable network.

But sure, it’s a conspiracy, not the fact that Tucker Calson’s moment has come and gone.

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