The defence forces of Ukraine successfully struck the Chonhar Bridge on Saturday morning.

Source: Department of Strategic Communications of Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), Telegram channel Crimean Wind

Quote from StratCom: “The defence forces of Ukraine have successfully launched a strike on the Chonhar Bridge on the morning of 29.07.2023.”

Details: The Crimean Wind Telegram channel reports that information about the damage to the Chonhar Bridge “is confirmed by Russian tourists who went along the land corridor to Crimea for new experience.”

On the published screenshot, users write that the Chonhar bridge is blocked due to damage, and Russian invaders send cars to detour.

Previously: Earlier on Saturday, Volodymyr Saldo, a Russian collaborator and the Russian-appointed governor of the occupied part of Kherson Oblast, said that Ukraine’s defence forces attempted to destroy the railway between the Russian-occupied part of Kherson Oblast and Crimea.


  • On Thursday, 22 June, Russians reported an attack on a bridge on the administrative border between Kherson Oblast and Crimea near Chonhar.

  • First, Nikolai Lukashenko, Kremlin-appointed so-called “minister of transport of Crimea”, said that it would take several weeks to restore the Chonhar Bridge fully. Later, Saldo said that the damage to the Chonhar Bridge caused by the attack turned out to be more serious, and the bridge will not be restored in 15-20 days.

  • Because of this, the Russians said they suspended bus service between Crimea and the city of Henichesk, Kherson Oblast.

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