Joe and Jill Biden went out for a ‘dinner and a movie date night’ Tuesday in Lewes, Delaware at the same time Biden’s government indicted his top political rival Donald Trump for the so-called crimes of challenging the 2020 election and lobbying state officials and Congress.

Biden in on a ten-day vacation at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home. White House scandal spokesman Ian Sams declined to comment, according to CNN: “We would refer you to the Justice Department, which conducts its criminal investigations independently,” White House spokesman Ian Sams said.”

Pool reporters covering the vacationing first couple reported they dined at Matt’s Fish Camp in Lewes and then headed to a movie theater to watch Oppenheimer.

Karl Doemens, RND, reporter, (translation) “As Trump fumes about his third indictment, Joe Biden and his wife Jill eat at Matt’s Fish Camp in Lewes, the neighboring town of their vacation home in Rehoboth, Delaware. The two arrived just in time for Happy Hour.”

NBC’s Gary Grumbach observed, “In what feels like a different world, Pres. Biden just wrapped up dinner at Matt’s Fish Camp in Rehoboth Beach, and is heading to a movie theater for Oppenheimer with the First Lady.”

The AP’s Seung Min Kim, “As Trump gets indicted for the third time this year, Biden is having dinner at Matt’s Fish Camp Lewes while on vacation in Delaware”

The Daily Mail’s Emily Goodin, “Meanwhile it’s date night in Rehoboth: The President and First Lady will see the movie Oppenheimer, per WH”

Jeff Mason with Reuters photos of Matt’s Fish Camp and Biden arriving at the theater:

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